A few Little Fish families...

Meet The Suva Family!

Spending six postpartum weeks with this family was so dreamy! They are silly, thoughtful, courageous and loving. Things weren't easy in the beginning...feeding struggles, sleeplessness, and deep learning all require great support. Helping to provide some of that support was an honor. 

Squeaky Clean! 

Emily, Skip, and Mari

Mari's first bath! 

Learning the skills of being a parent is so much easier with someone to guide you. 

Oh, hello, sweet one. Io is named for one of the moons of Jupiter. 

Welcome, Io! 

Carrie and Hal welcomed their third child, Io, in July. This serene, calm, and quiet birth was a joy to witness. 

Carrie says of her labor, "I felt safe enough to let the wildness of labor dissolve me." 

The love between these two amazing humans is extraordinary. 

Meet The Bennett Family!

Elena, Ash, and Otto (AKA Ebenezer when he's a cranky old man) are three of the funniest, loving, and compassionate folks I've had the pleasure of meeting. 

This family met every pre-pregnancy and postpartum hurdle head-on and with thoughtful insight. 

This guy lights up any room! 

Sleepy, tiny one. 

Happy family! 

Save some cute for the rest of us, Otto!

Meet the Valente-Pacheco Family! 

The stories these two can tell! Marissa and Zach have a bond that gives me butterflies. They are so into each other! Zach met every contraction with a loving affirmation of Marissa. There was a "Here you go, beautiful," after each request. Nurses wanted in on this room! It was so loving and good. Marissa championed her way through 55 hours of labor with a smile and a lot of popsicles, laughter, and storytelling.

They welcomed their child, Asher with joy and love. 

Hello, darling. We've been waiting for you! 

4cm never looked so good! 

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Asher! 

And just like that they are three.